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There are so many options we can offer our customers because we partner with DMP because of the advanced features of their control panels. DMP control panels are the smartest available, and offer the most security features. By using DMP control panels, our Central Station is automatically notified if there is any trouble with your security system, so we can inspect or fix any problems. This constant quality control feature insures that your system will alarm when you need it to.

Quality and reliability - DMP has earned their ISO 9001, a globally known certification reserved only for manufacturers with stringent, well-documented quality systems. Their "quality first" philosophy, supported by their ISO certification and backed up by functional testing of finished products assures customers that DMP systems will reliably perform as expected. This focus on quality reduces false alarms, and the fines that come along with them. For all 30 years, DMP equipment is manufactured in the USA.

Ease of Use for the customer - Our customers enjoy the intuitive controls and simple-to-understand DMP keypads. You don’t have to spend a lot of time learning to use a DMP security system. With the remote capabilities that DMP control panels offer, we can resolve any issues with your system remotely, so your security down-time is minimized or eliminated altogether.

Remote Access to Security System - Using RemoteLink and SystemLink software, we can "call up" your security system. The benefit of this is that we can save you service charges by fixing issues with programming remotely. We can also make changes to your system without having to come to your home or office, which also saves you money. But most of all, this option gives you immediate service when you need it. Most of our competitors take days (or even weeks) to address an issue with their system.

Communication options - Most DMP panels can communicate to our Central Station using one of 3 methods: Land Line, Network Connection, and using a Cellular phone line. Our customers can choose the most secure and cost-effective option for them.

Integrated Panels - Integrated panels that do the whole job in a single system provide a neater, more compact installation and reduce the price for multiple systems. Integration means that you can add door access, fire alarm, or specialty components to your security systems control panel. So, you don't have to buy an entirely different control panel for each system.

No Technology Dead-ends - DMP Keypads and other devices are forward and backward compatible, with non-proprietary open-architecture lets us easily integrate equipment from multiple suppliers, so our customers can enjoy a security system with no growth or replacement issues.


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